I thought I would take the time to show you the creative process in adapting the show into comic book form. This, may I remind you all, is purely for fun, is non-profit and as such unlicensed. The pilot is taking the most amount of time, especially as every background needs drawing and inking. The beauty of this is, once drawn, the backgrounds can be recycled as sets as the show is gradually adapted. The only work to be done from that point would be the characters and props.

Here is a look at putting together one such background. The view in Ben Horne’s office of the doorway into the corridor will be used time and again in the future, but here it is only out of focus and very minimal for the scene below.

Each set is inked, be it a one off shot, or a full four sides with other angles for good measure. As more of the world of Twin Peaks is drawn, you can be sure the pages will be speedily ready for your enjoyment.