Continuing this small insight into how this world is put together in comic book form, here’s a look at how the Double R Diner was ‘constructed’. Once the angles are decided, the background is drawn up and coloured. Any missing colours are filled in using editing software to clone those areas as the pieces are put together. Below you can see two of the angles present in the first few pages of the Double R colour special.

Once these background have been drawn up a ‘prop sheet’ is then created featuring all the other textures and props relevant to the set. The props can then be dragged and dropped anywhere on the previous set drawings and can be changed should that background ever be needed again.

Finally, once the props have been placed and other effects such as lighting, shadow gradients and a noise grain have been added, the backgrounds are complete. They may only be used for a snippet here and there, but here they are complete for you to enjoy. Don’t worry, Shelly won’t be half missing when you see her on the pages!